UK Alien

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Many moons ago, on a
planet far far
away, there
lived an alien.
One day

whilst trying to impress a
with his bad ass

ukulele skills, he
turned up
his amp too loud and it

Unfortunately he
had the
Mars Shell 5000
amplifier, the most

amp in the universe. When

he turned it up to its

maximum of 11.5
it exploded
with such a force that it

him out to space,
he floated alone
with his ukulele for

10 years.

He played a lot of ukulele,
went a little bit insane,

started a one man band
called Frank Spencers
Pants, figured out the
meaning of life, forgot it,

figured it out again and
then forgot it again. Finally

he drifted towards Earth
and as he entered the

Earths atmosphere, he was
greeted by an
smell of cowboy farts.